Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society. University of Pennsylvania | Coursera
Gap: Create a Nespresso Capsuleholder that can be hung on the fridge, stand on a kitchen-counter and is aesthetically pleasant to look at. 
I created my Pictureframe Nespresso Cupholder ("NesFrame") - using an old picture frame. I cut out 6 circles exactly the size of the top circumference of one capsule. The caspules/cups 'sunk' into the frame and I made and extra slit into the bottom so the capsules stay secure.
Above is a picture from above to show where the slits are made. I indicated it with arrows and colored in the bottom slit the approx size.
Front view from different Angle.
Back view. I placed a big magnet with tape on the back so it could hold it weight when sticking to the fridge.
Back view taken from Birdseye view, slightly angled. You can see the back and the capsules on the front sticking out.
The "NesFrame' stuck on the Fridge in landscape mode.

The NesFrame on my Fridge in Portrait mode.


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    June 2013