Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society. University of Pennsylvania | Coursera
My Gap is a to find / create a good-looking and functional storage system for Nespresso Capsules. 

This is the front view of model made from cardboard.  The base is square. It measures approx.  18 cm (length) x 18 cm (w) x 33 cm (height). It has a square base. My plan is to have more cut-outs as this will increase the effect that the colorful Nespresso capsules give and build a better tray.  
Hi, this is my first version of a sketch from a chair at home. I made the sketch on the IPad and think I will become more comfortable sketching on the iPad in the future.  Consider this the one with the pencil.

This is the same chair after I traced it with the marker.

1. The cord of my computer mouse is all tangled up.
2. My stylus for the iPad has a very thick head.
3. I can not find my cat.
4. There is not enough space on my kitchen counter for all the dishes that have to be done.
5. There are too many steps in hanging up the laundry.
6. I don't have enough space for more hangers, yet I do have to hang more coats. 
7. I have several different bottles in all sorts of shapes/sizes on the floor, I would like a great storage solution, regardless the size.
8. A great website where kids can create their own clothes.
9. I find the carton on the toilet paper roll a waste and bad for the emvironment, I can not flush the toilet-paper down the toilet.
10. I always have to run upstairs before we leave to turn off the light in my daughters room (which she forgot to turn off).
11. The cupholder for my Nespresso cups is ugly and not so functional. 

My GAP:  11. The cupholder for my Nespresso cups is ugly and not very functional.

I own a Nespresso machine, which means you automatically need to buy the capsules / cups. The capsules are delived in a carton box . Each holds 10 capsules. 

I currently have a storage systems for the capsules, which looks a bit like like this. 

My friends all have different ways of storing the capsules either in a jar, in the original carton box, looses in a kitchen drawer and similar systems as mine. They too find the storage systems not very original.

I believe I can think of an artifact that is more appealing and uses the cups in a creative and functional way.


Sony Walkman WM-2 (1981) 

To me the Walkman was great design. It was one of the first real portable audiocassette players. It was small and had a carrying case (right picture, cord not shown that attached to the back) that slided around the player, and kept it secure. It closed a gap for the desire to take your music with you. Battery-life was short (i think it took AA batteries) so they included an external battery pack for the big A batteries. 
Pentel P205 pencil.

I wanted to add this object as this is the product I use every day (not the Walkman anymore..). It is a refillable pencil. It is sleek and fits really well into my hand. It is light, yet sturdy. I use it because my handwriting is awfull and I have been told that it improves when I use a thin market (so people can read the letters more clearly). It has a eraser under the cap.