Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society. University of Pennsylvania | Coursera

Sony Walkman WM-2 (1981) 

To me the Walkman was great design. It was one of the first real portable audiocassette players. It was small and had a carrying case (right picture, cord not shown that attached to the back) that slided around the player, and kept it secure. It closed a gap for the desire to take your music with you. Battery-life was short (i think it took AA batteries) so they included an external battery pack for the big A batteries. 
Pentel P205 pencil.

I wanted to add this object as this is the product I use every day (not the Walkman anymore..). It is a refillable pencil. It is sleek and fits really well into my hand. It is light, yet sturdy. I use it because my handwriting is awfull and I have been told that it improves when I use a thin market (so people can read the letters more clearly). It has a eraser under the cap. 

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