Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society. University of Pennsylvania | Coursera
1. Problem statement: Create an elegant and beautiful capsule-holder that is easy to use and provides a Wow factor.  

My user needs are defined as: 

1. The capsule-holder is easy to (re)fill
2. The capsule-holder protects the capsules 
3. The capsule-holder is easy to use 
4. The capsule-holder lets me easily select my flavor
5. The capsule-holder can be installed in different spots
6. The capsule-holder itself can be moved easily 
7. The capsule-holder gives me information 
8. Low costs
9. Wow
10. Elegance and beauty

(Please note that I have through new insights slightly changed my user needs from the previous weeks.)

There might be some overlap between 1, 3 and 4. I have still addressed these as separate user needs because they involve different processes.  4 is about spotting the flavor of choice by color, while 1 is a process that occurs earlier (filling). 

2. Selection Matrix (see below). Please note to click to view spreadsheet in a larger view of download pdf.

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File Type: pdf
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3. I have selected Concepts A (Mounted on the Wall / Tube), F (Picture Frame / Fridge) and H (Storage Box). I also plan to use elements from E together with F (Picture Frame / Counter). 

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