Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society. University of Pennsylvania | Coursera
1. Problem statement: Create an elegant and beautiful capsule-holder that is easy to use and provides a Wow factor.  

My user needs are defined as: 

1. The capsule-holder is easy to (re)fill
2. The capsule-holder protects the capsules 
3. The capsule-holder is easy to use 
4. The capsule-holder lets me easily select my flavor
5. The capsule-holder can be installed in different spots
6. The capsule-holder itself can be moved easily 
7. The capsule-holder gives me information 
8. Low costs
9. Wow
10. Elegance and beauty

2. Concept sketches:  

Please see and scroll all the way down.  I have re-done the sketches below:
3. Below please find the Photographs of the 3 prototypes inspired by the sketches above.
A. Mouted on Wall / Tube
I decided on a square transparent  tube. The initial straps as in the sketch have been replaced with two holders attached to the back.  
This is the bottom of the tube. It has an opening for easy access to the Capsule.
This picture above shows the frame and the stand. When the stand is clicked flat the magnetic back and be snapped onto the Fridge. Not in the picture that the capsules are slightly sunk into the frame. Using different materials this can easily be done using laser cutting technologies.
Storage Box (Below). For the storage box I used transparent foil because the user wants to immediately what choice he/she has. The foil should be replaced by a special plastic (or glass?) material.

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